Vote for Better Langley Schools


I haven’t said much about Langley’s School Board Trustee election campaign, mostly because its so blatantly obvious who should be elected.

Since I moved back to Langley, the school board had been embroiled in regular controversy, from financial issues to poor planning to a parent uproar about a new school calendar. Over the past few elections, trustees have been replaced, controversies diminished, finances fixed, and planning has started to improve, much of this directly led by the incumbents on this endorsement.

With new spaces open, the school board is in a strong position to further greater progress in Langley’s schools. However, a new danger is on the horizon, threatening to undo years of work. Single issue candidates with strong financial backing have risen with campaigns based on misinformation and prejudice instead of reasonable discourse. They have not attended school board meetings, they are unaware of the business being done and have no real vision beyond their opposition to optional programs being provided by our provincial government.

I believe that our schools should have the resources to protect all students, but also be able to manage the social threats that minorities – both visible and invisible – face. These resources are not, and never have been, about pushing agendas.

I endorse these 5 trustees for Langley School Board. These candidates will keep our school board focused on the issues that matter instead of embroiling the board in unnecessary controversy. They will continue keeping the board fiscally responsible and they will continue to listen to parents, children and all stakeholders.

Please vote for
David TOD
Marnie WILSON and

Authorized by Brad Richert, registered under the LECFA,

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