ToL Election 2022 Poll Results: Sept 9

Biases, Caveats, & Limitations

Before I get into the results, I feel it is important to make some generalized comments about the Better Langley poll. First and foremost, I am not a professional pollster. While I studied statistics in university and have experience with statistical-based academic research papers, the following poll and poll results is not intended to be professional and offer no guarantee of reliability. The poll was conducted 100% online on the Facebook platform with the majority of of poll-takers being advertised to with some limited organic reach. The age and neighbourhood demographics of those who clicked on the survey ad are approximately to be the expected proportion of voters, based on 2011, 2014, and 2018 elections. However, not all voters are on Facebook and this will likely skew results of the polls towards candidates that advertise heavily on Facebook.

The poll will also be biased towards higher engaged portions of the electorate, as the respondent would likely have clicked on an election-type advertisement. The poll will also, at this time, lean towards candidates that have declared their intentions early, as many names are not yet recognized since signage is not yet allowed to be placed (this happens on September 24, 2022 at 9:00am). It should also be noted that this first poll was conducted prior to the deadline for candidate submissions.

**UPDATE: Due to personal reasons, this series will not move forward. The poll was removed on September 11.**


With 36 days left until general election day and the deadline approaching at 4:00pm today for candidates to submit their nominations, the first Better Langley Election Poll results are in. The September 2-8 poll collected 210 respondents for an approximate margin of error of +/-7% and an industry standard 95% confidence rating. All rumoured candidates that do not end up declaring today will be removed from the polls.

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