Q8 for Better Schools: INVOLVEMENT

BETTER LANGLEY: Do you have or have you had children in the Langley School District? How have you been involved with local schools? What are some contributions you have personally made to public education in the last 5 years?


A note about highlighted answers: Better Langley favourites are selected based on discussions with dozens of parents, teachers, local politicians. Each question had select criteria that the aforementioned stakeholders found to be of the greatest importance and I have done my best to represent these. Additionally, my own academic background in political science, philosophy, religious studies, and real estate all provide its own knowledge base, process of critical thought, and, yes, biases. In order to reduce personal bias toward any candidate or organization, however, answers were read anonymously, separate from the candidate before selecting a “favourite” to highlight.


RAI (Contract with Langley): The Langley public school is where my three children have spent the entirety of their school careers. My son is a diverse learner and because of my involvement in my son’s education I have developed a strong relationship with several teachers and I understand how the school board works.

LOCKHART: I have one daughter in Grade 1 and a two year old daughter who is not currently in school. Not having held a Trustee or Board position, my contributions have come from charitable and volunteer roles. My schedule as a full-time Firefighter, while not conducive to weekends and holidays, has been valuable in being able to attend mid week events for my daughter’s classroom activities. Whether its reading and art days or carpooling for field trips, this is a new experience that has been rewarding and enjoyable.

First, I want to express that I am merely a member of a great team of selfless individuals that volunteer our time with the Township of Langley Firefighters Charitable Society (TLFCS). We have our School Snack Program that sees 25 school in the Township and City get monthly deliveries of snacks by their firefighters. I have been assisting as a “member at large” since its inception. Further to this, I am one of the founding Operations Committee members of the TLFCS Mayor’s Gala. Our Gala has raised over $2 Million dollars since its inception, with a portion of money going to Foundry and TLFCS’ School Snack Program.

PERREAULT: I have had 4 children in enrolled in the Langley School District, 3 graduating out with my youngest in 2021.

My personal contribution looking back 5 years had me Presiding over the Langley District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) where success had been experienced in witnessing our work to advocate to have speed zones created for Summer Session schools in our District. A District Emergency Preparedness Committee struct as a result of advocacy to the Board witnessing $100K dedicated to be earmarked that year for emergency preparedness kits placed in every classroom with emergency manuals and training for earthquake readiness. I have remained on that committee since inception seeing great evolution of our District working hard towards robust systems being put into place, including communication systems in the event towers go down as well as seeing schools to have earthquake drills.

During my time as a Trustee, I have sat on various committee’s to include: 4 years on ya:yestel (Aboriginal Advisory), 9 years Inclusive Education (DPAC Rep & Trustee), 5 years Emergency Preparedness (DPAC Rep & Trustee), 2SLGBTQ+, Human Dignity Coalition & Communications Committee.

My motions which successfully passed speak to EDI, Mental Health and Trauma Informed Practices:
a) Barrier Free Spaces in Schools;
b) Feminine Hygiene in Schools;
c) Cultural Safety Training for onboarding Trustees;
d) Safe and Inclusive Schools (seclusion/isolation rooms).
d) BCSTA Motion 15, Safe and Inclusive schools witnessed a province wide campaign to all school districts and included a near week series of education on Seclusion and Restrain. The motion passed as amended with a robust debate moving it into the MoEC.

DICKINSON (Contract with Langley): I do not have children. However, I did attend K-12 in the Langley school system and am currently an Elementary school teacher in Cloverdale.

Some of the contributions I’ve made to public education over the past 5 years are:
• Volunteer coach and sponsor teacher for numerous extracurricular programs
• Persistent advocated for diverse learners.
o Worked to get designations in place and ensure students are treated equitably.
o Sourced out outside of school programs to help families.
• Advocated to the provincial government for the one time Affordability Fund to be a permanent line item.
• Organize & supervise kids on multiday camping experiences.
• Organize food drives for families in our school.
• Organize Christmas Hamper programs for families in our school.

TURNER: Due to the issues with your online account, I have chosen not to fill out the survey.

WAKELIN: We have had one child graduate and our other child is graduating at the end of this school year.

In 2018, I filled a vacancy on the DPAC executive and served as Secretary.

In 2017, I founded and along with many other parents and family members of LGBTQIA2+ organized a group called BC Families for Inclusivity. This group originated to support students and Educators facing misinformation and backlash related to SOGI123 resources. We held rallies to show the support and love for youth in our communities that were met with rhetoric that was often discriminatory and harmful. During this period, I organized a Parent Info Session with professionals from a variety of fields to address parent’s concerns and provide factual information. A firm believer in the need for communication, especially during challenging times, I was part of a parent’s advisory panel to create Parent Guides to better communicate the SOGI123 teacher resources.

During back-to-school at the beginning of the pandemic, I joined other parents in advocating for a safe start to the school year. With a lack of communication between many Districts and the Province, parents and educators worked together to call for increased safety measures in classrooms. “Safe September” was an effort where parents, families and school staff shared their concerns.

WILSON: I have had two children go through the Langley school district. I always volunteered within the schools my children attended; sports days, fun food, field trips, dry grad, etc. I worked as a special education assistant in the Langley school district for several years and helped hundreds of students reach their full potential and, I have advocated on a joint CUPE/BCTF committee that looked at workplace violence in BC schools. In my past 4 years as a school Trustee I have advocated, through motions made to the Board, for several things some of which were; more supports for mental health, standards of practice for special education assistants, changes to transportation policy and walk limits, and the employee engagement survey, which has been a catalyst to improving engagement.

ROSS: My family has enjoyed many schools from Fundamental to UConnect to Langley Education Centre. I founded the “Foundation” and have chaired the district through the pandemic providing calm leadership in a tumultuous time.

FOX: I have taught in the District for close to 34 years, 1973 – 2007. My wife taught in the District from 1974 – 2009. Both my children were educated in the Langley School District. We now have two grandchildren who live on our property that we are very involved in their schooling. My daughter has been a teacher and Vice-Principal in the District now for over 14 years as well so we are very connected.


  • Serving the District and the Province as a rep. on the ‘Finance and Audit Committee’ of the BC School Trustees Assn.
  • As DPAC meetings are on ZOOM, I have popped in to several although I do not stay for the whole meeting but do get a solid idea of the issues and ideas discussed.
  • Township Youth Committee chair for 9 years.
  • Township/Sd#35 Liaison Committee co-chair, 2012 – 2018
  • Langley Secondary Community Committee for 4 years.
  • Public speaking judge for several local schools over the past several years.
  • Starfish Backpack Program Coordinator for 6 years (over 14,000 backpacks distributed)
  • Scholarship Review Committee for Otter Co-op for 5 years, giving $10,000 in scholarships a year.
  • 4H public speaking judge for several years
  • Reviewed Grad Transition and Capstone graduation presentations for Grade 12 students for over 10 years.
  • Assisted with the SASSY Awards recognizing top graduating students with scholarships.

NEUFELD (Contract with Langley): Yes, my daughter is in grade 1. My wife, Meghan and I were proudly the first to have donated cash and food to the Fort Langley Elementary breakfast program when they started, ensuring that they continued to get when they needed.

As a volunteer with the Surrey Firefighters’ Charitable Society, I have taken on the Chair of the Ignite a Dream committee for the past 5 years. Raising over $180,000 for student in Surrey who have shown resilience when overcoming obstacles in their life. With this entrance award, students who would never have had a chance to follow their dreams of post-secondary education, are given the opportunity. I am proud to work with a great group that, together, are breaking down barriers for those who need it most. We just had our 7th annual fundraiser, this past week on the 24th, raising over $60,000 in one night.

Do you believe in a more economically and environmentally sustainable Langley? Do you believe in the work being done here? Do you want to support the work of Better Langley?

If so, please considering donating!


  1. I ask all that are running. How do they feel about SOGI123 and though it has been mandated by government it is up to our trustees to decide how much they implement into the schools. My child was destroyed by SOGI123 in the Mission school district, so this is a question I now ask of all school trustees. Where do you stand?


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