Langley Development Watch: December 2022

Development Watch post are updated throughout the month.

ZZZ Properties Ltd. / 8000 Block of 199th Street

  • RZ No. 100674, DP No. 101267
  • Type: Five-Storey Multi-Tenant Office Building (CD-57)
  • Size: 51,010 sq.ft.
  • CAC: $0
  • Neighbourhood: Latimer NCP (Willoughby OCP)
  • Variances: The applicant is proposing to vary Section 957.5 of the Zoning Bylaw to increase the maximum permitted height to allow for a 5-storey building, increasing the height from 18m (59 ft) to 21.0 m (69 ft) and from 4-storeys to 5-storeys to accommodate a rooftop amenity space for the building.
  • Parking: 138 spaces (135 required)
  • Trees: 0 significant trees present, 14 existing street trees, 32 for replacement
  • Projected SD35 students: 0 (Commercial)
  • First & Second Reading: December 5, 2022
  • Public Hearing:
  • Third Reading:
  • Final Reading:
  • Link to Report

Council Comments:

Coming Soon

Pollyco – Isle of Mann / 7536 200th St, 7541 202A St, 7591 202A St

  • RZ No. 100158, Previous DP No. 100967, 101079 AND 101097
  • Type: 2x 6-Storey Apartment Buildings, 1x 5-Storey Apartment Building, 1x 4-Storey Apartment Building, Rowhomes, Single Family Homes
  • Units: 390 Apartment Units, 9 Rowhomes, 26 Single Family Homes
  • Neighbourhood: Latimer NCP (Willoughby OCP)
  • CAC: $3,661,709
    • As a condition of final reading, the applicant is to enter into a Housing Agreement, pursuant to a bylaw adopted by Council, to secure the proposed 70 unit apartment building as affordable units.
    • In addition, the applicant has offered a financial contribution in the amount of $1,500,000 for maintenance and replacement costs associated with the proposed community stormwater management facility and a further $500,000 contribution towards improvements to Yorkson Community Park.
  • Variances:
    • increase the extent of lands designated Apartment;
    • increase the height of buildings in lands designated Apartment from 4- to 6-storeys for
      two buildings and from 4- to 5-storeys for another; and
    • increase the overall permitted density of the site from 232 units to 425;
    • realign Streamside Protection and Enhancement Areas and relocate them onto neighbouring lands.
  • Parking: Updated Parking Not Shown
  • Trees: (Per Previous DP) 420 significant trees on site, 0 for retention, 442 replacement trees are required
  • Projected SD35 students: For the entire 642-unit application – 87 new students for Willoughby Elementary (located approximately 1.5 km northeast of the site), 37 new students for Peter Ewart Middle School (located approximately 250 m north of the site) and 64 new students for R.E. Mountain Secondary School (located approximately 100 m north of the site).
  • First & Second Reading: JULY 25, 2022 (7-2-0; Richter & Arnason Opposed)
  • Public Hearing: NOVEMBER 14, 2022
  • Third Reading: DECEMBER 5, 2022
  • Final Reading:
  • Link to Report

Council Comments:

Coming Soon

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