For the first time, Better Langley: by Brad Richert is accepting donations to help run the 2022 campaign for a more economic and environmentally sustainable Township, under the electoral financing rules of Election BC. Your donation, accepted with the utmost gratitude, will be used to

  • continue paid Facebook advertising
  • print and distribute endorsement postcards, and/or
  • print and distribute endorsement road signage.

Your donation will be disclosed as per the aforementioned in our filed paperwork following the election as per the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act (LECFA).

In order to donate, you must, by electoral law:

  • be a resident of British Columbia, and
  • be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident and
  • donate to a maximum of $1,250.00 in a calendar year
  • provide your home address

Additionally, for additional transparency, I will NOT be accepting donations from ANY candidate or electoral organization.

Authorized by Brad Richert, registered under the LECFA, BETTERLANGLEY@GMAIL.COM