Q11 for a Better Langley: NEIGHBOURS

Questions 11 & 12 were both only asked to the 4 Mayoral candidates

BETTER LANGLEY: The Township of Langley is part of several regional governance organizations, such as Metro Vancouver and Translink, and has some important neighbours (ie Abbotsford, Surrey and the City of Langley). Do you believe we currently have a positive relationship with these entities? In reference to these organizations and municipalities, what do you believe should be improved to benefit the residents of the Township?


A note about highlighted answers: Better Langley favourites are selected based on progressive principles of economic and environmental sustainability as researched through the works of Jeff Speck, Charles Marohn, Charles Montgomery, Donald Shoup, Melissa & Chris Bruntley, Charles Schwartz, Ken Greenberg and many others. Additionally, my academic background in political science, philosophy, religious studies, and real estate all provide both a knowledge base, process of critical thought, and biases. In order to reduce personal bias, answers were read anonymously, separate from the candidate before selecting a “favourite” to highlight.


SPARROW (Independent): I believe in the role of mayor that strong relationships building skills are essential. Both within council, the organization, as well as with the many different governance organizations and the cities we neighbour. We cannot work in isolation; we are a part of a larger region and our ability to work together within that region is vital to our success.  I believe we have an opportunity to further foster these relationships and look to see the Langley Township have an even stronger voice both within Metro Vancouver as well as Translink.

We are at the farthest end of the geographical region of Metro Vancouver, and it can be easy for our voice to get lost. The ability to build strong relationship and allies within the region will be beneficial to our community. We rely on Metro for many of our core services and the regional perspective for our land use also plays an important role in our governance system. Ensuring the voice of our community is strongly represented and is well respected at the table is extremely important.  

WHITMARSH (Independent): Having strong, healthy relationships with neighboring municipalities and other levels of government is critical as we work on regional issues. Currently our relationships are strong but we could always improve and be more intentional as we work with our neighbors and the municapalities South of the Fraser. Having a relational mayor that can collaborate with others will be most helpful for regional issues like homelessness, Skytrain, childcare, health of our water supply, crime, the overdose crisis, housing etc.

WOODWARD (Contract with Langley): Did Not Respond

COLEMAN (Elevate Langley): I have had great relationships with the municipalities in Metro Vancouver. As a provincial cabinet minister for almost 20 years I have had the opportunity to work with all of them.

I believe that the South of the Fraser communities have not been getting their fair share of the benefits from Metro Vancouver. As your mayor, I will work to reverse this trend.

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